Emergency Communications Center

The Communications Division of the South Houston Police Department is a very vital division within the Police Department. The Communications Division is the first point of contact between our Police Department and the citizens of South Houston. The Communications Division is currently staffed with nine (9) Emergency Communications Specialists who provide 24/7 coverage for our community and maintain a minimum staffing level of two (2) Emergency Communications Specialists working eight (8) hour shifts.

The job of our Emergency Communications Specialists consist of multiple duties which include answering telephones (911 and administrative lines), entering calls for service, maintaining radio traffic with on duty Officers, running drivers license, warrant checks and maintaining accurate state and national entries and records. These duties are performed consecutively, making multitasking a very important skill for anyone desiring to become a Emergency Communications Specialists. Our training consists of at least 6 (six) months of on the job training along with over 300 hours of T.C.L.E.O.S.E. classroom and online training. We are required to maintain our certifications with additional continuing education every year.

Department Contact

1101 Dallas St
South Houston, Texas 77587

Phone: 713.944.1910
Fax: 713.944.0513