Sex Offender Compliance Program

The South Houston Police Department Sex Offender Compliance program is a program coordinated with The Department of Public Safety to ensure sex offenders are complying with laws pursuant to the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Art. 62.005, as well as the Sex Offender Ordinance adopted by the City of South Houston. Click Here to view the City of South Houston Sex Offender Ordinance.

The South Houston Police Department is committed to public safety in supervision of sex offenders within our community. Our main priorities are the safety of the citizens of South Houston  maintaining professionalism, community partnerships and accountability on all levels when an offender is on active supervision with South Houston Police Department.

The compliance program is under the direction of the Criminal Investigation Division of the South Houston Police Department. The Sex Offender Compliance Program is coordinated by Officer ***. Since assigned to this position Officer *** has worked hard to reduce the number of non-compliant sex offenders within the city limits of Hitchcock by completing the following task:

  • Random compliance checks (verification of residence, employment, etc)
  • Maintaining sex offender files and databases
  • Issue warrants and make effect arrest when necessary

Sex Offender Registration and Updates:

The South Houston Police Department conducts Sex Offender Registrations and updates on the following days:

Friday: 9:00 am until 12 noon

Saturday: 8:00 am until 12 noon

*Special registration appointments with prior approval*

Department Contact

1101 Dallas St
South Houston, Texas 77587

Phone: 713.944.1910
Fax: 713.944.0513