Police Administration

The Administration of the South Houston Police Department consists of the Chief of Police, the Captain of Police (who serves as the Assistant Chief of Police) and the Administrative Sergeant.

The South Houston Police Department is a formal organization within the City of South Houston whose primary functions and goals include the protecting life and property, to ensure peace and order within the community, the prevention of crime, the impartial enforcement all federal, state and local laws and the investigation of crimes in an attempt to solve them and apprehend the criminals responsible for committing them.

The purpose of the Administration Division is to set and maintain policy, provide departmental stability and to ensure that the specific goals and objectives of the Department will be accomplished. Because the Police Department is tasked to achieve specific missions and objectives, and because it needs to structure, monitor and constantly improve the work activities of those who are partners in those tasks, the need for administration arises.

Department Contact

1101 Dallas St
South Houston, Texas 77587

Phone: 713.944.1910
Fax: 713.944.0513