Criminal Investigation Division

The City of South Houston Police Department's Criminal Investigative Division (CID) coordinates, manages, and directs investigative programs focused on financial crime, violent crime, organized crime, drug-related crime, and informant matters associated with these investigative areas. Through centralized control, CID guides the investigative efforts of field officers against street level criminal groups and individual criminal activities in the city limits.

CID is responsible for devising policy matters and techniques to be used in complicated investigations, as well as for making a continuous review of investigative procedures and programs. In addition, CID maintains top-level liaison with officials in the Department of Public Safety, as well as other government agencies and local law enforcement officials, on matters under the jurisdiction of the police department. Click HERE to contact Investigations.

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Department Contact

1101 Dallas St
South Houston, Texas 77587

Phone: 713.944.1910
Fax: 713.944.0513